Why the Democrats didn’t win

I was chatting with some liberal friends last night about why the Democrats keep trying to go more center-right, which alienates their fans and doesn’t win them any converts. The truth is, the Democrats and their policies have enough support amongst voters. But they fail at two things: first, they don’t get the base fired […]

Please read: changes to RSS and email subscriptions

For the past few years, I’ve been paying for a service to handle our RSS feeds and email subscriptions. With more people following us on Facebook and Twitter than RSS or email, this no longer makes sense. I’m transitioning to a free set up. So if you follow by RSS, please sign up to: http://whatprivilege.com/feed/. […]

The suffering Olympics in mental illness

There are many mental health issues out there. Some of them actually cause others – i.e., people who have disorders defined by a lack of empathy, ignoring others’ boundaries, etc., – to commit abuses which give other people depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. If you put together all the people who have “mental health” issues, we’re […]

Because protesting income equality is exactly like invading Poland

If the title sounds familiar, it’s something people say about the term “feminazi”.  Some jackass venture capitalist named Tom Perkins recently felt the need to compare a desire for less income inequality with the Holocaust. Even his former company rushed to distance itself from him, saying he’d had nothing to do with them in years. […]

Quote of the month

In response to a CNN Money article about setbacks the middle class has to cope with, commenter “Kevin Finkle” says: How come no one ever says “We can’t just raise CEO pay… if we do that then we’d have to start charging $15 for a cheeseburger!” Priceless. Of course, the answer is partly that $15 […]

Be careful assigning “responsibilities” that cost money

I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about “adults” who were too “irresponsible” to buy health insurance, and how that’s forced Obamacare on us, or how Obamacare is going to fix that or something. (Side note: the real problem with healthcare is that they charge way the hell too much. Just in case you’re wondering.) […]

The art and value of complaining

George Takei Facebook entry

On Facebook, I recently saw George Takei saying “Goodness, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t permitted to have “first world problems.” We all do, and we shouldn’t pretend they don’t bother us. Not if we’re being honest, right?” You may have heard the term “white people’s problems” or the less privileged “first world problems”, which […]

Republicans are in the pocket of the rich

I know, it’s obvious, right? They’re putting their foot down over a bill to prevent the extension of a $1,000/year tax cut to the middle class, but they won’t consider getting rid of a few tax cuts for the wealthy that haven’t helped the economy one iota. They promised no increases in taxes, but clearly […]