Republicans are in the pocket of the rich

I know, it’s obvious, right? They’re putting their foot down over a bill to prevent the extension of a $1,000/year tax cut to the middle class, but they won’t consider getting rid of a few tax cuts for the wealthy that haven’t helped the economy one iota. They promised no increases in taxes, but clearly what they meant was “no increase on the wealthy – the middle class and poor aren’t giving enough!”

And yet, some voters are still confused. Or are they? There are commenters on the above article complaining that the middle class is about to be taxed more because the Democrats won’t stop providing welfare to those allegedly lazy people that are the only welfare recipients. I don’t think it’s confusion. I think it’s self-loathing, pure and simple.

I have consistently found that the people quickest to accuse others of laziness are the lazy themselves. These people have complicated issues going on in their heads – basically, they know they are responsible for their own problems and are absolutely useless and contributing nothing to society that society actually wants, but it’s more comfortable to project that onto others. If you project that onto the wealthy, you’re expected to back up your accusations with some proof, or at least logic, so it’s easier to project that onto the poor.

But the truth is, we spend way more in corporate welfare than we spend on individual and household welfare. The poor, we only seek to keep from ending up homeless. Corporations, however, we seek to keep in profit. Read the link. If you don’t understand it, then get someone to explain it to you. If you can’t, then at least have the decency to shut up. The poor and the “illegals” are not costing you anything like what the rich and big business are. If you cannot see this, then you can at least shut your ill-informed mouth.

I doubt that’s the problem, though. I think people just don’t even try to figure out what’s really good for the country. They just grab a narrative they like, and stick to it.

So let’s all grab the narrative that most Republicans are child molesting fornicators who worship the devil while pretending to be Christian, shall we? Proof? We don’t need no stinkin’ proof. We heard it from Rupert Murdoch.

If someone has pointed you to this article for your edification rather than because they thought you’d like it, it’s likely that you are an asshole, so let me add a couple of carefully thought out closing words: fuck you.


  1. Quib says

    That second to last paragraph warrants some editing as there is some language there that is uncalled for.
    I’m sure there are some perfectly nice satanists who are far more reasonable and less malicious than the collective acts of the republican party.
    Seriously though, I think references to sexual abuse are out of line. Even though you’re using it as the worst possible thing you can think of, putting false accusations in a satirical quip is making light of some harsh realities.
    Not trying to put you down or anything, but I think you could find something much better.

    You also want to use something that will get the most rise out of them over the thing you think is worst. The really depressing reality is that a whole lot of people have continued to support and admire public figures who have been accused of child abuse.
    There’s a lot topics the Repubs are eager to lunge at eachother’s throats for. (I’ll post my other ideas separate, so this is comment wont be missed if you change the post.)

  2. Quib says

    What I find especially interesting, is that this is a party that will not hesitate to go after its own if they happen to so much as momentarily falter in their assertion that a zygote is a human being.

    There’s so much of the right wing that is fueled completely by emotion and knee jerk reactions, that it seems like it would take about 5 minutes of a concentrated effort to push the infighting and nonsense past its tipping point and watch the whole miserable production just implode and crumble apart.
    So it’s starting to wear on me that it seems like the mainstream left has never even tried this a little bit.

  3. Jennifer Kesler says


    I’m aware of all that, but my point was to hurl a ludicrous, unfounded accusation, because that’s what they do whenever they’re not busy reversing word definitions like something out of 1984. Furthermore, I grew up around extremist Repubs and spent my childhood hurling every insult at them to see if any penetrated. Sadly, the only insults they understand are things like insinuating they are gay, or womanly, or poor. Those slurs reaffirm the idea that there’s something wrong with being gay, female or poor. I chose child molesters because I stand behind the idea that there’s something wrong with being a child rapist, and it’s one of the few things I actually despise that the Republicans despise, too. (Oh, yes, I know they support child molesters they relate to, and I’ve written about it on Hathor – but the fact is, they are invested in believing themselves and their friends NOT to be child rapists the same as they are invested in believing themselves and their friends not to be gay.)

    So I disagree that I could’ve come up with something better, but if you have suggestions, I will listen. Just bear in mind that there’s no insult I haven’t hurled at a Republican asshole I knew personally at some point, so I have a pretty good sense of which ones penetrate the dense protective foam in which their inflated egos are nestled.

  4. Jennifer Kesler says


    And I agree – I lost all patience with the Democraps sometime in the 90s. They don’t even try to blast these people out of the water. They’re so convinced – like Hollywood – that all voters are reactionary intellect-free zones, that they don’t even attempt to point out how stupid these things are. Not even through an emotional appeal.

  5. Quib says

    My main point was kind of that a public figure abusing children in their private life is not an idea that is nearly as absurd, laughable, or even improbable as it should be.
    I do understand that creativity is hard (really trying to not be patronizing or snarky, I’ve been thinking about this seeing internet people be rudely skeptical of personal accounts; the challenge of creating a story is under appreciated).

    Republicans oppose health care because it interferes with their organ harvesting schemes.
    Republicans oppose abortion because they need orphans to run their machines. I mean as fuel. The Republicans don’t care about alternative energy because they already power their homes and vehicles with engines that burn abandoned children.
    Republicans hired corrupt contractors that price gouged the military on shoddy equipment endangering… oh wait that’s a true thing.
    Maybe I can think up something more hyperbolic that’s vaguely plausible enough to encourage people towards their own research.

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